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"The producers of this site are famous for creating quality,
sexy goth and vampire content, and we have been fans
for a long time." - Janes Guide (2000)

What is a slut: 1. pleasure enthusiast; 2. a wanton individual; 3. a saucy girl

Gothic Sluts features beautiful artistic depictions of the eroticism of the Gothic subculture. Obviously, this is intended for an adult audience. All of the pages following this one are designed with adults in mind. Content may include fetish fashion, nudity, tattooed girls, pierced girls, masturbation, penetration, oral sex, anal sex, bondage, bloodsports, watersports, heterosexual interaction, lesbian interaction, and other activities of erotic interest to Gothic girls. By entering this site, you affirm that you are aware of the laws and community standards of the place you reside and you affirm that in visiting our site you are not violating any of the laws or community standards of the place you reside. In most places, this means you must be over age eighteen, but it may be twenty-one depending on location. You understand that all images, text, design elements, and other creative material on this site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any way, in any form, in any media. You further affirm that the legal venue for any issue pertaining to this site shall be Los Angeles, California in the USA. If you are underage or, for some other reason of law or community standards, can not visit us yet, please hang out at other cool sites until you are of age or move someplace more fun. Please read our detailed terms of service if you require further information before entering or e-mail info@gothicsluts.com Thanks for assisting us in upholding the law. If you would like better technology for blocking access to sites for grown-ups from your computer, please click here for a list of filtering software that can block adult sites from inappropriate viewing.

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